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It all starts with LOVE

Oh, I know! It is such a cliche beginning, but really, it's true. 

Hi, my name is Jen, and I am so happy you are here. I started Marble Fox in the fall of 2020 to share my love of sports. Here you will find stylish stationery, accessories, and gifts for on and off the court.

I know every customer and experience counts, and I strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Are you shopping for your captain, who worked so hard over the season? Or does your sister have a passion for tennis? Then you are in the right spot. If you are looking for suggestions, please email me. If you have any questions, want to see a sport represented, or have suggestions, please email me at

The LOVE of Sports

Sports have been integral to my life, from fencing and horseback riding as a teen, to tennis and pickleball in my 40s. Sports teach you a lot about yourself and can lead to incredible opportunities. 


There have been two sports that have really defined me.

My first love started with VOLLEYBALL in 8th grade. The first time I walked into the gym and saw volleyball being played, I knew I wanted and needed to do that. It was powerful, graceful, and challenging. I have played for over 30 years, which has led me to a fantastic community of like-minded people. It has brought me friends, tournaments, coaching, and my husband. I officiate HS, club, and college matches. Now the kids play, and I participate in a new a parent. Volleyball is part of my identity. I am a player, coach, parent, and official.  

Next, I discovered TENNIS...athletic, graceful and powerful tennis. Reminds me a bit of the athletic and clever fox. It was the next sport to have taken over my life and bring me a new community. I found another all-consuming passion, and really, there is a bit of crossover between the sports. I am a tennis player, advocate, and parent. 

This tennis-pickleball-volleyball player says thank you. Thank you for being here! Thanks for going on this journey with me. 

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