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  • What is a Marble Fox?
    Arctic Marble Foxes are real creatures that don't actually reside in the Arctic. They have a stunning white, black, silver, and tan coat, a color mutation of the red fox. Foxes are athletes of the wild. Thriving in many environments, they are clever, athletic, adaptable, playful animals with high agility and the ability to hunt. Marble Fox brings together my passion for animals and my love of sports, for we are the athletes on the courts and course.
  • What is your shipping and return policy?
    We typically ship the same day but for our latest policies, please check out our shipping and return page here.
  • I live in the UK. Do you ship here?
    We love that you are interested in our products (thank you!). At this time we do not ship internationally. We are currently working on adding this option. If you are looking to order before we have this set up, please email us at and we will see what we can do.

Marble Fox Playing in the Snow

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