​​​​​​Traditional flour sack towel is available in two great tennis designs.  Choose from vintage tennis racquet or the Washington apple label.


  • 100% cotton Machine-washable,
  • Measures 18 x 24" (image is 5x8")
  • Printed in Seattle

Tennis Kitchen Towels

  • This design features a vintage commercial advertising label. These labels were pasted on the ends of wooden crates packed with oranges lemons apples and other fruits and vegetables. These colorful crates were shipped nationwide via the railway system to be sold in the local markets.


    Packers and growers would order labels from printing companies that specialized in this work.  They employed commercial artists that were not paid well, and rarely received any acknowledgment for there creations. Most commercial use of labels ended during WWII due to commodity rationing and shortages. The cardboard box was adapted to ship fruit and labels were almost completely phased out by the 1950s.